Wednesday, October 8, 2008

About the Title

The never-ending staircase is one of the elements of an illustration by M. C. Escher called "Ascending and Descending". The reason I chose such a title for my blog is because to me programming has always seemed like an infinite series of steps. There seems to be no limit to what we can learn or how far we can push ourselves given enough time and effort.

The purpose of this blog is to to share with the community some of those steps of mine. In addition, occasionally (at least in my experience) there seem to be moments of extreme clarity, where paradigm shifts occur and many steps are taken in a short amount of time. At times in retrospect I wish I had documented such moments before and I hope this blog can become a channel for some of those ideas. While I expect the majority of my posts will cover code and language, some may cover architecture as well.

I hope everyone finds my posts to be useful and I strongly encourage feedback from anyone who happens to stumble upon this blog.


Unknown said...

Great! I am really looking forward to some of the great things that I'm sure we'll see here.

Greg Gonzalez said...

Nice Brooke! It's been a long time coming, and I am sure many developers will benefit greatly from your insight and experience. BTW, a 22oz'er of Stone Ruination IPA awaits you in the frig for your efforts -- pls don't open until 5pm ;)